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On this page, you'll learn:

    Dangerous secrets every man needs to know before popping another "magic penis pill" . .
    What women really think when the guy in their bed is unable to perform . . .
    How one man learned to finally stop feeling like a sexual cripple and regain the sexual potency that's every guy's God given right . . .
    Incredibly, why many women say that guys who have suffered from Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence and recovered are actually better, more satisfying lovers!
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My erections are harder than ever I now last long enough to satisfy my wife and am ready to go again in just minutes.

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Here's What This Is NOT!

• A "Magic Pill"
• A herbal gimmick
• An elaborate penile torture
• A scam
• A joke
• An expensive, complicated lifestyle change that no guy will ever follow.

What this is a simple, affordable and effective way to give you back the natural, spontaneous erections of your youth . . . guaranteed.

Tod For Immediate Release
Thursday, 7:38 A.M.
From the desk of Tod Faassť
Attention To: Every Man!

If you've ever wanted to regain the powerful, almost-embarrassingly stiff "Swang!" you had as a young man . . . and to do so without the absurd expense or toxic, health-destroying effects of hard-on pills, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Tod Faassé. The fact that you’re here reading this page means you are one of 30,000,000 other American males suffering from the same problem embarrassing challenge . . . the all too common plague of "Erectile Dysfunction."

Iíll Never Forget When It First Happened To Me

I've always prided myself on my ability to sexually satisfy the women in my life. But then one night it happened . . . all my dating skills, confident promises and persuasive male prowess that had led me up to that moment were of no help. I felt like I had misrepresented my masculinity and I felt embarrassed for myself. No matter what words of consolation she used, I felt like a cad . . .

I had given her every reason to expect the frills of unbridled passion, but there she was trying to hide her disappointment and sense of guilt. No matter what I said, I knew she felt somehow responsible for my inability to follow through . . .

Instead She Got The Cold Fish

I was in a silent panic, because you see I was hoping this would be the beginning of something that would last. I tried to tell myself that I just put too much pressure on myself, that I was just nervous because I wanted more than anything to please her and impress her.

Perhaps you can relate to how awful I felt.

She expected a masculine tiger in bed and I turned out to be a tired old house cat begging to be let back in, just one more time.

I promised it was a fluke and I assured her that she turned me on. Then I started to make lame excuses about stress at the office and that this really wasn’t me at all . . .

I was lucky she didn’t seem to hold it against me and she said we’d try again in the future . . . a week later the same thing happened again.

I felt my manhood dwindling away and the relationship I had dreamed of all my life was right in the palm of my hands . . . but I was helpless.

Days and weeks would follow and I could see in her eyes that she was drifting away. That last thing I needed was to worry about her going to another, younger man, to confirm her sexuality and appeal.

This seemed to bring out the worst in me and that wasn’t going to help me in the end. I became depressed and then I got desperate . . .

I crossed a line I never thought I would cross . . .

I Pried Open My Wallet And Bought Me Some Of Those "Magical Blue Pills"

The problem is they worked too well. You might say well how could that be? She was amazed by my come back. One day I’m throwing gutters and the next day I’m bowling a 300! She was exuberant and even proud that she finally turned her man on.

But there was nothing spontaneous about it . . . I seemed more concerned about what “time” we would do it next so I could pop the “magic blue pill” at the right moment. Believe me, you don’t want to take a boner-drug too early or too late . . . but that’s another story.

I played out my charade as long as I could, but I was too proud to tell her it wasn’t me, that it was a drug. Plus I didn’t like the negative side effects, the nausea and weakness I would experience afterward and worst of all was the sense of emotional detachment I had developed.

 I wanted to find the real solution, so I could feel like myself again.

I Didnít Want To Condemn Myself To Being Chemically Dependent . . . I Felt Like A Sex Addicted Junky . . . Waiting For My Next Fix.

There was something important missing that being naturally responsive in bed had to offer. Plus having to pan out more than $10 a session made me feel like I was just a chemical manwhore being pimped out by Big Daddy Pharma. I hated making the drug corporations rich at the expense of my physical and emotional health.

. . . I knew my health was at risk and the “magic sex pills” were taking their toll on my liver and kidneys. But the worst thing was what would she think if she ever found out what I was doing, I loved her and I couldn’t play this dangerous game any longer . . .

  My Spontaneity? Gone.

My Passion? Gone.

My Pride? Gone.

My Sensitivity? Gone.

It Just Wasnít The Same . . .

What had I lowered myself too? I was deceiving the woman I loved by chemically inducing an artificial erection that made me feel like a machine doing the “act” of sex.  But where was my sensuality? Where was that love making passionate tiger of my youth? Where was the inner Adonis I wanted her to know and admire?

I Just Wanted To FEEL Like Myself Again, The Real Man She Deserved, The One She Fell In Love With In The First Place.
"I'm An Extremely Happy Guy..."

Your product is astounding. I have a prescription for Viagra. But the method laid out in your report was so much better with NO side effects at all. I'm an extremely happy guy.

Thank you!

--A.P., Age: 47 Little Rock, AR

I finally decided to put the kibosh on the "chemical cure", the expensive side effects . . . and the self humiliation. I knew there had to be a reason for my E.D. and a natural solution to my dilemma, anything that would help me get back my pride and the sexual vigor of my youth.

To be honest I was skeptical but determined. I researched everything you can imagine and more . . .

  • The Pumps (too risky)
• The Straps ( to risqué)
• The Hyped up, gas station gimmicks (gave me jitters)

And a whole industry of ineffective and maybe-even dangerous snake oils and designer drugs being peddled by unethical shysters trying to suck the dough out of my pocket. I almost gave up . . . I almost resigned myself to a pitiful fate.

But Then I Finally Stumbled Upon
What I Was Looking For:

A Simple, Natural, Downright Cheap Cure That Solved My Erectile Dysfunction For Good And Gave Me Back The Passionate, Powerful Lovemaking, Freedom And Pride
I Was Longing For!


As I was secretly surfing the Internet I was lucky enough to discover Joe Barton's "Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Report" (it comes as an easy-to-read PDF file that just about any computer can open.)

I opened the report, got to reading and, the very next day, put all the powerful advice and simple techniques Joe and his medical research team laid out to work.

And now? Now I've ditched the pills, the shame, the humiliation, the cost, the guilt and the side effects. Now I've got what my Fiancée and I like to call the all-natural . . .

"Back Of The Bus Boner"

Why? Because it's as firm, natural and almost-embarrassingly hard as it was when I was a 15-year old kid sitting in the back of the school bus behind Tammy W., admiring her blue eyes and fuzzy sweater.

Come-on guys you all know what I’m talking about! You know the kind of spontaneous boner that you were praying would go away before the bus would stop and you had to stand up in hopes that your lunch box would hide your enthusiastic but innocent adolescent libido?

But Let Me Tell You, I'm Not Praying Anymore

Do you remember how it feels to get hard -- rock hard -- just from getting smiled at by a pretty girl?

Do you remember the satisfaction of giving the love of your life . . . orgasm after mind blowing orgasm, practically forcing a satisfied, Cheshire cat smile across her face?

Do you remember showing her just how hot and beautiful you think she is. . . and knowing that it's YOU and just YOU doing all the "work"?

Do you remember the pride you had going into work every morning knowing you’re probably more potent and alive than guys 20 years your junior?

Do you remember what it's like to have to be careful what you wear and what you brush up against, knowing that even the slightest pressure could give you a stiff, hard-on and ready for action, that proverbial “SWANG” in even the most inappropriate setting?

You can imagine what it's done for my relationship to have passionate, sexually satisfying Honeymoon Sex night after night after night?

And can you imagine it doing the same for you and thousands of other guys who were needlessly suffering just like me before I followed the simple steps laid out in this report?

Here's What This Is All About

I know it's hard to believe, but you're just 3 minutes away from banishing "permanent meat loaf syndrome" from your life for good and saying goodbye to the expense, the hassle and the danger of the "chemical crutch" of Viagra, Cialis and other popular hard-on pills.

In just two minutes you can download this expertly-researched, amazingly simple, step-by-step report guaranteed to give you rock hard, "back of the Bus Boners" on demand without drugs and get on the path to being powerfully, naturally stiff for the rest of your life.

Here's What I Learned (And What You Will Too) When I Opened Up My Copy Of Joe Barton's Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Report: How To Cure Your E.D. Naturally Without Drugs:

The real (and scary) truth about Sidenafil . . . the so called "wonder drug" that put a smile on Bob Dole's face in those Viagra commercials . . . and why millions of men around the world are playing Russian Roulette with their heart every time they pop one of those little blue pills.

The simple and strange erection producing exercise of "Yoga For Your Kundalini" and how even the laziest guy can quickly master these simple, ancient secrets to practically force a torrent of blood into your penis producing long-lasting, stiff as-a-board erections on command.

Why new thinking in the "hippie science" of Ayurvedic medicine has even white-haired Western Docs rushing to the supermarket to stock up buckets of powerful aphrodisiacs.

Why the modern man is losing more of his erection producing testosterone than previous generations . . . and why replacing that testosterone with even doctor-prescribed shots, pills or patches can actually decrease your sex drive, put you at big risk for prostrate cancer and maybe even drive you to an early grave.

Straight facts on suppositories, penile injections (ouch!) and other extreme impotence "cures" no man ever wants to go through . . . and frightening true stories of what can happen when these unnecessary "treatments" go horribly, horribly wrong.

Why drug induced priapism is the most painful, damaging hard-ons you could ever get . . . and why you never, ever want to get one of these dangerous induced erections.

How to cut through the bull online and discover what damage pumps, straps and constriction devices actually cause.

The wonders of "Kuma Sutra sex" . . . and the lost art of mind-blowing, amazing ancient sexual secrets.

The amazing secret exercise that unleashes the little known  but attainable male multiple orgasm.

What the Chinese got right . . . acupressure that you can do at home can radically increase the flow of blood to your penis in mere seconds.

Why aromatherapy skyrockets sexual potency among open-minded men.

Which super foods can blast open the arteries in your penis, creating a 10 lane, hard-as-granite erection super highway.

What common herb is the Italian stallion of herbal remedies . . . and how taking just a small dose of this wonder herb can do wonders for your erections and improve your overall health.

Impotence warning signs and why a soft erection might be a sign of a more serious and maybe even deadly malady.

Why Pulp Fiction was absolutely right about foot rubs . . . and how walking your thumbs down just the right path on your foot can put a "spring" in more than just your step.

Why "thinking with the wrong head" can actually be good for your health.

What women really think when the guy in their bed and is unable to perform . . .

The biofeedback paradox . . . how you can "shock" yourself hard . . . and when and why you should (or shouldn't) consider this electric technique.

5 Steps To Hardness Every Man Needs To Try . . . and the frightening, softening truth that might finally convince you to quit smoking.

Why some women swear that fat guys are better in bed.

How you can laugh your way to firmness . . . and how you can use humor to put a rocket in your pocket and a satisfied smile on your partner's face.

Simple facts on vitamins, what you need, why you need it and how to get the right amount at the right time for the least expense.

Why you should learn to hate free radicals . . . and what you can do to protect yourself from this growing plague of erection destroyers.

The power of "Heart Math" . . . and a ridiculously easy technique you can use right now to activate your “Chi” and experience not just stiffer, firmer erections but more powerful, more satisfying and more frequent orgasms

Why meditation can "wake up" your sexuality, desire and ability to perform wonders in bed. And much, much more!

And much, much more!

But most of all, you'll learn simple, quick techniques you can put into action right away to say goodbye to the humiliation of erectile dysfunction, kick the dangerous and expensive habit of being pushed by the penis pill mafia and finally get back the raging "Back of the Bus Boner" of your youth quickly, naturally and without drugs.

Listen: Great health is a choice only you can make.

You can do nothing and resign yourself to the "soft life", giving up on man's most basic, most undeniable pleasure and hiding yourself away in your own little cocoon of humiliation and pain . . .

 . . . you can continue to empty your wallet into the bulging coffers of the penis pill fat cats, desperately saving up for your fix, turning yourself into a passionless sex robot and knowing (always knowing) in the back of your head that it's not you with the throbbing hard on, it's the drug.


You can click the link below, download this simple, affordable report and get on the fast track to stiff, natural, long-lasting, sensitive erections . . . and improve your health at the same time!On The Fast Track To The
"Back of the Bus Boner."

I know which one I chose, my fiancee and I both thank God every day that I did.

OK, Tod, I'm Interested.
But How Much Does It Cost? Honestly? I think Joe's ripping himself off letting this information go so cheap, but the cost of this report is just $39.97 for a limited time . . . less than the cost of even one pack of those little blue pills and nothing at all compared to the cost of the B.S. being peddled by most shysters online.

Plus, Joe offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee - If your E.D. is not cured you'll get a prompt refund, no questions asked . . .

Like all of my products, the powerful information contained in the
Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Report is backed with a no-hassle,
no-questions asked 1 YEAR money back guarantee.

If the remedy put forth in this report doesn't get you naturally
almost-embarrassingly hard and put a wide grin on the faces of both you and your lover (or lovers), I'll refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked and you'll be free to keep both my downloadable report and your two valuable bonuses.

Why am I taking all the risk on myself? Because I believe in the method in the Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Report, I believe in the results I've gotten for thousands of men suffering the full gamut of erectile problems and because I believe that this method will work for you.

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But you know what? Brother to brother, man to man, I want to make this a real "no brainer" for you. That's why I've talked to Joe and convinced him to sweeten the deal and throw in two bonus reports absolutely FREE (see below).


You're Only Seconds Away...
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ED Report As Seen On
I understand that this one-of-a-kind report will show me the exact step-by-step formula to stop erectile dysfunction safely, from the comfort of my home...
I understand that the entire report is completely covered by your 1 YEAR guarantee. If it doesn't work, or if I'm not happy for any reason, I can simply send you an email and get a 100% refund of what I paid you...
I understand that the report might make me angry at my doctor for not telling me about these natural remedies all these years - but I agree not to harm my doctor (or pharmacist) in any way, or hold it against them (it's not their fault)...
I understand that the testimonials on your website are actual testimonials from your previous customers and that my results may vary from theirs because everyone is unique...
I further understand that I will receive instant access to 2 FREE BONUS reports with a combined retail value of $57.00 (listed below), when I order the E.D. Remedy Report today...

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Don't wait.

Don't think about it.

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--Tod Faassé
Former E.D. sufferer, now performing like I'm 21 again!

P.S. I've been telling Joe for months now that he's not charging nearly enough for the amazing results me and thousands of others have gotten by following the advice in his report. He's resisted me so far, but who knows how much longer before he wises up and skyrockets the price. Click below and order your copy now while it's still priced so ridiculously low.

P.P.S. Joe's report has really put a spark back in my relationship. My fiancée says she understood when I was unable to perform but hoped for the best. Now she says she can't believe how good the sex is. And it's not just the sexual performance and confidence either. She says that this whole experience has made me a better, more attentive, more powerful lover.

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